Love is a seaweed roll (nakchi) wrote,
Love is a seaweed roll

This is a defriending post

EDIT: I suck at setting comment settings properly. Comments are now screened! Sorry ;______________________;

TL;DR ahead, sorry. XD;;

It's not so much about not wanting people to read my entries as it is feeling weird reading some of your entries. I don't really care if any of you have access to my journal; I trust you all with the amount of information I've given you (although maybe I shouldn't, considering that a while back someone saw my Facebook and then asked on the meme if I was a guy or girl lmao what, does my name not give it away?!). But I feel weird reading some of your entries -- we've never talked at all, and I know that's largely my fault because I suck at commenting and I suck at replying to comments, but it doesn't change the fact that I know all these things about you without actually knowing you at all. And that's pretty creepy. Plus the longer we're on each other's flists, the more awkward it is to open a comment box and reply. Maybe I should just swallow my nerves and do it, but I'd rather give you a chance to opt out of potential awkward and creepy times first to avoid the discomfort of telling me later that oh, hey, now that we do kind of know each other, I'm not the kind of person you want on your flist!

Hence this post.

If we have never talked or we haven't talked in a really long time and you want to keep me around, please let me know! Similarly, if you ever want off my flist for any reason, let me know as well. That applies to all of you. I'll be defriending anyone who asks and anyone to whom I haven't spoken (either here or on twitter/AIM/MSN/whatever) since we friended each other several months ago. If I defriend you and you still want to get to know me, I'm perfectly fine with that! Just, um, let me know? Because right now I have no idea of whom I should try to connect more with and who really just wants me gone.

Comments are screened, so defriend away!

Man, this post is awkward all around. D:
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